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Frequently Asked Questions

What credit cards do you accept?
Trailmate accepts Master Card, Visa and Discover cards. Sorry but at this time Trailmate cannot accept American Express.

Why can't I buy direct from Trailmate, Inc?
We are a manufacturer and sell primarily through our network of dealers who are located throughout the United States and Canada, as well as other locations throughout the world. Our cycles are shipped to them unassembled. These dealers will offer you personalized service, including cycle assembly and personalized adjustments that meet your specific needs.

When I enter my zip code, there are no dealers available in my area.
If you are unable to locate a dealer, or if you find that the dealer is unable to help you, please contact Trailmate, using the Customer Service page on our site, so we can determine how best we can help you satisfy your cycling needs.

How do I know that the cycle I'm interested in is the right size cycle for me?
Click on the photo of the cycle of your choice for a list of specs for that particular cycle. For even more information, you can go to the customer service section of our site and download the appropriate cycle brochure which outlines very specific information regarding the specifications and options for each cycle. For more personalized service, please contact your local Trailmate dealer.

I already have a Trailmate cycle, and I need parts. Can I get them from you?
Please contact your local dealer for parts. They will be able to identify the parts you need and contact the appropriate suppliers to get them.

I don't live in the United State or Canada, but would like to purchase one of your cycles.
Trailmate has dealer outlets in many parts of the world. Please contact us and we'll put you in touch with the one nearest you.

I have an unassembled cycle and am having problems assembling it.
The re-seller who sold it to you should furnish you with instructions. If you are still having problems, please use our locater to find a Trailmate dealer near you who, for an agreed-upon fee, will assemble it for you. If there are no Trailmate dealers available in your area, any reputable cycle retailer should be able to help you.

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