How to become a Trailmate specialty cycle dealer

Trailmate adult trikes and specialty cycles are sold through a network of over 700 retail bicycle dealers located throughout the country. Many of our Dealer partnerships span 25 years. These dealers play an important role in the growth and success of the Trailmate organization.

In order to become a Trailmate specialty cycle dealer, the following is required:

  A retail store location that is not within a 3 mile radius of an existing Trailmate dealer.
  A completed copy of Trailmate's credit application, with signatures of all owners.
  Copy of business license for the sale or repair of cycles.
  Copy of occupational license for sale or repair of cycles.
  A copy of your state sales tax or resale certificate.
  Copy of proof of liability insurance for your business.
  Placement of an initial order of $1500 or more.

To speak to a representative directly, please fill out the information request area to the right of this text. A representative will contact you within one business day.

After speaking to a representative, please download the required documents, complete them and fax to 1-800-477-5141.

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