Trailmate Says Goodbye

Hello from Trailmate,
After 47 years (61 years for the Desoto), Trailmate, sadly, has to say goodbye.  We weathered the production and global supply chain issues of Covid, but we won't make it through this downturn in the bike industry. Trailmate has been creating great tricycles since 1977, and though I have only been at the handlebars since 2021, I've loved every bit of it. 
Our customers are the BEST! It's been gratifying to see how our products get used around the country and how long they last. While we will not be around to supply parts, many of our dealers may still have necessary parts on hand.
It's been great serving you all, and I'm truly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.  

Josh Bryan
Chief Tricyclist
Trailmate Tricycles