Ride the Gray Wave!

There are 73 million Americans over the age of 60.  How can you reach them?

According to the latest US Census, the "Gray Tsunami" is upon us. An estimated 73 million people in the US qualify as the Baby Boomers. Those born between 1946 and 1964 are living longer, staying healthier, and are trying to keep up with their grandkids.  Incredibly, the Baby Boomers hold $2.6 trillion dollars of buying power, and they tend to spend their dollars at small businesses and brick and mortar stores.

So how can your bike shop better reach this wonderful group with Trailmate tricycles?

  1. Forever Young: Too often Baby Boomers are made to feel like they are too old. Though they may not be as young as they once were, most of them still feel they are. Remember the smile you had when you first learned to ride a bike? A ride on a comfortable Trailmate tricycle creates the same feeling and the same smile. 
  2. Community Focused: As we do get older, it is the people we love that become the most important aspects of our lives. Baby Boomers surround themselves with new friends, old friends, kids, and grandkids.  A tricycle is the best solution to cruise alongside them all. If their friend doesn't have one yet, all the better - two sales for the time of one!
  3. Health: With more doctors visits and more commercials creating anxiety about their health, the Boomer generation is always looking for ways to keep moving.  More than that, it has been proven that exercise and time spent outside improves health and happiness. When a Baby Boomer buys a Trailmate, they are not just buying a bike with three wheels.  They are buying the fresh cool autumn breeze blowing through their hair and a thumbs up from their doctor at their next checkup. 

We love tricycles because they provide freedom, joy, and a way to share the day with loved ones for all walks of life. Let us know how we can help you help your customers with a Trailmate trike

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