About Us

At Trailmate, we LOVE tricycles, and we're not afraid to admit it!  We believe that three wheels are better than two. We even have our own company joke.  Want to hear it? Too bad, here it is:

Why did the bicycle fall over? 

It was two tired!

We don't have anything against our two tired siblings, we just appreciate the benefits and lifestyle that our three wheeled cycles provide. They are fun, relaxing, and useful. Tricycles allow you to cruise, enjoy the scenery, and smell the roses without falling over.
Our Desoto Classic was first introduced in 1963, and we have been creating three wheeled mobility solutions ever since. Trailmate began in Sarasota, FL, but today we operate out of our plant in Jacksonville, Florida. Many of our Trailmate products are built right here in the USA. Our skilled workers utilize premium materials and the safest, most efficient production practices available.  We are thankful for your consideration. 

We can't wait to get you rolling!